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Finding a Ring Guard for a Marquise ( Diamond-Shaped) Solitaire


One of my favorite parts of selling jewelry (other than actually shopping for jewelry ALL the time) is helping a customer find a wrap to fit her solitaire.  I get asked all the time if I think a certain guard will fit a particular solitaire.  While it sometimes hard to do when it isn’t in person, I am pretty good at it, especially if I have a picture.  But I know not everyone wants to ask.  So let me give you the best advice I have for choosing an enhancer to fit your marquise diamond engagement ring.  That is the one that is sort of shaped like a baseball diamond, for all you guys shopping for your wives! 

First of all, measure your solitaire.  I know this can be difficult, especially if you don’t know how to convert your “inch” ruler to millimeters.  So I have made these charts to help,  Measure the bottom of your diamond where the prongs meet the band.  This is the area that has to go into the gap between the two sides of a guard.  Then make sure that the prongs are not wider than the gap of the guard. Sounds simple enough but sometimes mountings can be tricky.

The ideal enhancer for a marquise solitaire will have a pointed bridge.  That is because most marquise diamonds are held in place by a prong at the top and bottom.  So a rounded bridge, like most wraps have, will not fit as snugly as a V-shaped one.  That is not to say you HAVE to have a V-shaped bridge because first of all, your jeweler may be able to adjust it for you.  Adjusting the bridge is a simple process much like sizing a band and should not be expensive or time consuming.  Second, you may not mind a little jiggle from your two rings. 

Or you may just prefer an insert style enhancer. What is an insert style?  It is very common to have an insert ring guard with pointed sides that easily accommodate many solitaire styles, especially a marquise solitaire. 

Here are few excellent styles for marquise solitaires.  Of course, this is not all of the wraps that will fit or could be made to fit.  If you want any help at all deciding please ask! I am happy to help!





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