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The Story of Our Mustard Seed Necklaces

 Have you seen our beautiful mustard seed necklaces?  They probably aren’t like any you have ever seen, are they?  Most of what you will see for sale are made of silver tone metal and look awful after a month or two of wear.  Our beautiful mustard seed necklaces are made of solid 14k gold and I think they are pretty unique.   We started carrying these necklaces almost 10 years ago and they are our best selling item of all time. Let me tell you how we started selling them.

Nineteen years ago my sister was diagnosed with an adenocarcinoma.  It was in the middle of her chest, pressing up against her aorta.  There was no way to operate.  One slip of the scalpel and she would bleed to death.  It didn’t look good for her. They decided the best route was a 24-hour drip of chemotherapy for 5 straight days every three weeks for months, followed by radiation. My mother, a deeply religious woman, was given a mustard seed pendant to remind her to her keep faith.  She kept that pendant on her at all times, usually pinned to her shirt or her bra and prayed fervently for my sister’s recovery.  Well, she recovered!

A few years ago after I started selling jewelry she showed me that old mustard seed pendant.  She said she wished she had one pretty enough to wear all the time that wouldn’t tarnish.  That gave me the idea to search for one for her birthday.  But they didn’t exist!  All you found were silver tone or maybe sterling silver.  I dug deeper.  Finally, I found someone that was able to make the hand-blown bubble, insert the seed and attach the feminine lattice bail to the bubble.  We added a chain and what do you know, people wanted them!  So, thanks Mom!

Since we started selling them we have upgraded our gold chains to a heavier chain to allow regular every day wear. (But I wouldn’t wear it when sleeping or showering).  If you are a lady of faith, or you need a gift for one, check out these beauties. You will love them!

                                                               Mustard seed necklaceMustard seed necklace


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