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How to Care For Your New Jewelry


So you just spent a pretty penny on a nice piece of gemstone jewelry and you want to make sure you take care of it.  But there are so many gemstones and so many treatments.  How do you know what you can do with each one?

Here is a handy, quick list of items that are “easy care” and “special care” to help you know the best way to clean your gemstones.


Easy Care Gemstones                                                               Special Care Gemstones

Amethyst                                                                                    Amber

Apatite                                                                                        Blue Topaz (or any colored topaz)

Aquamarine                                                                                Emerald

Carnelian                                                                                    Fire Opal

Chalcedony                                                                                 Garnet

Chrome Diopside                                                                        Iolite                                   

Citrine                                                                                         Kunzite                                                                                     

Diamond                                                                                     Lapis                                                                          

Labradorite                                                                                 Opal                                                                                                                          

Morganite                                                                                   Moonstone

Peridot                                                                                         Pearl

Quartz                                                                                          Tanzanite

Ruby                                                                                             Tourmaline

Sapphire                                                                                       Turquoise


White Agate

White Topaz


The reason most gemstones require special care is because they have received some sort of treatment, whether they have been heated, coated, irradiated or dyed.  Some cleaning treatments such as ultrasonic or steam cleaning can damage the stone by reheating or wearing off the treatment.

The best way to care for your jewelry is to clean with a non-abrasive jewelry cleaner.  Even plain soap and water can remove most dirt.  Then use a soft cloth to shine.  When you are not wearing your jewelry store them in a soft cloth or jewelry box separated from each other.  This is to avoid one piece of jewelry scratching another piece. 

It is best to avoid harsh chemicals so never wear your jewelry when cleaning.  Chemicals can erode the gold or silver that holds your gemstone as well as damage some stones. And although diamonds are hard, they can be broken with the right blow so remove your jewelry when working with your hands.  It is also best to avoid hairspray and perfumes. 


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