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Q: I’m afraid to buy online. Is it safe to buy from you?

A: Absolutely! Our site has a safe and secure checkout.  We have to go through compliance checks regularly to assure that.  Your information is safe with us!

Q: Why should I buy from Donna T’s Jewelry instead of other sellers?

A: Donna T’s Jewelry has been in business since 2002 and has developed a reputation for offering excellent quality at affordable prices.  We are NOT a huge mass producer of jewelry.  We are small, just 3-4 people. That means you get special attention and you aren’t just one of a thousand customers.  In fact, ask a question. Most likely you will get to talk to me, Donna, and not some customer service rep that doesn’t know the business.

Q: What makes you different from other jewelry sellers?

A:  We are not trying to be all things to all people and be the only place you can ever shop for jewelry.  I know that sounds counterintuitive in a world where there are humongous mass retailers.  We want to be experts in our area (mainly ring enhancers) so that we can walk our customer through what can be a confusing process when you buy jewelry online.

Q: Why do you not carry all sizes in your rings?

A: Donna T’s Jewelry is a relatively small operation.  We do not carry millions and millions of dollars of inventory like some of the huge sellers you see on the Internet.  In order to carry every size we would either have to buy all of that inventory (and we are small, remember) or we would have to only carry a few items.  I think it is better to have sizable items.  That way it doesn’t matter the size as long as you can have your jeweler size it YOUR size.  It helps us keep costs down and helps us have a bigger variety of items to offer you!

Q: Why do you not carry certification on your jewelry?

A: We get asked this a lot and you probably are not going to like my answer if you have bought much jewelry on the Internet.  Most of those “certifications” you see by online sellers are simply created forms by the sellers themselves.  Unless your item was graded by one of the major labs in the world then it isn’t really worth anything.  Unfortunately, a lot of unscrupulous sellers are counting on the hope that you do not know that.  And they have created some very convincing forms to fool you.  We do not play that game.  These labs will test items but of course, that is not free.  A certification costs about $75 per item and takes 6 weeks to get.  That cost is passed on to the customer.  I am DEFINETLY not against buying lab tested items.  I get it when I find items already tested at a great price.  But I am trying to keep costs low and cannot afford the time it takes to have it done.  Therefore, I urge all of my customers to take their purchase to a local Graduate Gemologist jeweler if you want extra peace of mind that you have a genuinely described item.  And if you don’t feel like you do, for ANY reason, send it back.


Q: What if I get the item in and I don’t like it?

A:  Just return it.  Don’t even worry.  I don’t want you to keep something you don’t like. You have 30 days to get the item back to us.  Please read our return procedure here so that you will know how to proceed. 

Q: If I buy from you will you start sending me spam emails and give others my email address?

A: Nooooooooooo!  Absolutely not!  We do not harvest emails to create a mailing list and we do not share your information with anyone.  We even let you purchase as a guest so that you don’t have to have an account.  How many online businesses let you do that?  If you want to sign up for additional newsletters or notifications you can but you certainly don’t have to.

Q: Do you offer layaway?

Q: Sadly, no.  We did offer layaway a few years back but there were too many customers that decided in the middle of their payments that they had changed their minds.  We were kind enough to refund them (because I didn’t feel right about keeping their money) but the problem was that our unique item was tied up for a month or so and no one else could have it.  There are many similar options these days if you need to make payments on an item.  Just let me know and I will send you information.

Q: Can I get one of the enhancers made with a different gemstone?

A: Any of our gemstone Enhancers can be made with other gemstones but not our diamond enhancers.  We actually have the gemstone enhancers made ourselves so we have more leeway.  Sometimes we can have a diamond enhancer made with other gemstones but not always.  Feel free to ask.

Q: Do you take your own photos or are they stock photos?

I can't believe I have been asked this.  I am flattered!  I take them myself and I am NOT a professional.  Diamonds are especially hard to photograph so you can count on them looking better than the pictures, not worse like most stock photos.  Other than taking the background out of the picture they should look pretty close to reality.






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