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Why Should You Get a Colored Gemstone Ring Guard for Your Solitaire?


If you have read any of my other articles in this Jewelry Education section then you know how crazy I am about color.  I like diamonds, don’t get me wrong.  They are pretty and sparkly and people notice them.  And I have a bunch of them for sale. But diamond ring guards are so common and I like something a little more unique sometimes. Don’t you?

Colored gemstones have the potential to portray your personality and give a little insight into what you like.  You can display your favorite colors while still wearing your diamond engagement ring to let everyone know you are married.  But color can show so much more than just your personality.

In the past 12 years that I have been selling enhancers I have had many requests for different gemstones.  I, too, started out selling just diamond ring guards.  But then I experimented with the precious gemstone guards; ruby, sapphire and emerald. (Remember, I prefer color!)   They were popular.  Then the requests came.  “Can you make this in garnet, amethyst, citrine, peridot, blue topaz, and pink?”  Yes!  Yes, I can!  And our gemstone guard business was born.

The significance of a colored gemstone ring wrap is very personal.  What does it mean to you?  Do you want to signify the month of your wedding?  Do you want to signify your birthstone or your spouse’s or children’s birthstone? It’s totally up to you.  Maybe you just like colored gemstone guards to match your clothes.  Yes, I HAVE sold one particular style of ring guard to the same customer in every single color we have, more than once! 

I think what is so very cool is when you mix the two colors in the guard.  We can customize your guard with you and your spouse’s birthstone or your children’s if they are different.  No big deal!  What fun you can have with a colored gemstone enhancer that you really can’t have with the diamond enhancer.

So consider something different.  Be unique!  If you don’t see the colored gemstone in the style you want, ask me.  About 75% of our styles are customizable and usually only takes a few weeks to arrive.  And I do love giving a customer the exact style she loves and will treasure! It’s so much fun for me!




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